Special menus

Chinese Muur Hilversum serves four complete four course menus. This makes it easier for you to select complementing dishes.

Menu Jiankou

Minimum two persons

Heung Sou Ap

Beijing duck rolled in pancake with onions

Seoi Gau Tong

Chicken broth with shrimp dumplings

Ti Pan three stars

Stirfried chickenbreast, pork and tenderloin with vegetables

Lo Han Chai

Authentic stir-fried vegetables

Tau Si Yeung Pa

Lamb racks with black bean sauce


Price: 26,50 per person

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Menu Gubeikou

Minimum two persons

Tjing Sam Sik

Steamed snacks

Yuu Tji Tong

Original shark-fin soup

Tau Foe Pou

Tofu, shrimp and pork served in pottery

Babi Spek

Roasted pork bacon

Woei Wo Ngau Yoek

Tenderloin in spicy sauce


Price: 26,50 per person

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Menu Badaling

Minimum two persons

Tja Sam Sik

Fried snacks

Kai Suk Mai Tong

Cornsoup with chicken

Tjiu Yim Kai

Stir-fried dry chickenbreast with fresh herbs

Tim Suun Ha

Shrimp with sweet-and-sour sauce

Tjap Tjoy

Stir-fried vegetables


Price: 23,50 per person

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Menu Simatai


Minimum two persons

Tjeon Kuun

Spring rolls

Suun La Tong

Sichuan hot-and-sour soup

Tjau Soeng Dong

Stir-fried winter bamboo and Chinsese mushrooms

Ma Po Tau Foe

Bean curd with special spicy sauce

Gado gado

Indonesian vegetables in satay sauce

Fresh fruit

Price: 23,50 per person