Chinese Fondue

Chinese Muur Hilversum is proud to present a new phenomenon on our menu: Chinese Fondue.

Chinese Fondue gets you a wok filled with delicious chicken or herb broth, heated by a gas burner. You can prepare your own ingredients in the broth, using chopsticks or a dip net.

You can eat all you can for one price.

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At the start of the Fondue, you can order one of these dishes. Later on you can get unlimited refills.

  Fish: vegetables, sole, big shrimp, fish balls

  Meat: vegetables, chicken breast, tenderloin, pork, beef balls

  Vegetarian: different kinds of vegetables, delicious soft tofu, rice cookies and mie

  Complete: some from all dishes

price: 22,50 per person

For groups we prefer a reservation.

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